• Scindia School, Fort, Gwalior, India
    Part of my childhood was spent in a boarding school located inside the famous old fortress in Gwalior. The buildings in the school, established in 1897, used to be the English army barracks once upon a time. My hostel called the Jeevaji House housed fifty four boys. The experience of living in a strict disciplinarian environment amidst ancient monuments and temples, some dating back to 6th century A.D. was an education in itself. At times, as one stared in the darkness, the wind rushed through the old imli tree, making a howling sound brushing against the tree...reminded one of the eerie presence of spirits. The long corridors and fans suspended with long iron rods from the high ceilings were not for the faint-hearted. It moulded one into a bold and courageous spirit.
    Gwalior city is built around the fortress which stands around 350 ft high from the ground level. In the night, the lights of the Gwalior city, visible from our hostel, twinkled like stars in the sky. And there I was, living in a sometimes lonely planet, far away from home. There are lots of fun anecdotes to tell and someday I will.....
    Some photos from Scindia School era.

  • Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee, India   (formerly, University of Roorkee)
    Nestled amidst foothills of the Himalayas is this beautiful town called Roorkee which houses a premier institution called Indian Institute Of Technology (formerly, University of Roorkee) established in 1847. Ganga canal flows through the town. On the canal is situated the University Boat Club, a nice rowing facility for students. There was so much fun one could have. One could go cycling to Hardwar, a holy town on the Ganges around 32 kms from Roorkee. Or, go to one of the nearby hill-stations. Or, cycle down to the nearby Sugarcane fields for a pure sugar rush. Our University has a Himalayan Explorer's Club (HEC) which organizes great treks, hikes and biking trips. This was one part I missed 'cos I always wanted to go home if we had a vacation day or two. I studied Computer Science at the university and made many friends. At the well-equipped University Hobbies Club, I was exposed to a dark room, and developed and printed my first roll of Black and White film shot using a borrowed SLR. It was pure magic to see an image appear as the paper lay in the developer. I was hooked. I spent very many hours coming up with a nice print from my father's old negatives.

  • California State University, Hayward, California, USA
    As my brother was completing his Masters, he inspired me for further studies. And, I joined this nice school overlooking the San Francisco Bay in Hayward, California. Located right next to my living quarters, it was ideally located for me to combine the studies with working full-time.

  • My parents always encouraged me to follow my convictions. They have been a solid pillar of emotional and moral support and gave me strong family values. Life has always been very interesting with my two brothers and parents. More like friends at home, how could life be dull? My elder brother, Ashish, loves fast driving and cracking jokes. He has taught me a lot through his life, actions and a fearless attitude. I remember learning to cycle. We had a small turquoise blue bike, it was raining and he was running behind the cycle trying to teach me to ride. Through the pouring skies, I do not know how many times I fell but the next day, he was proudly showing me off to parents. It was another matter that I had yet to learn how to dismount (I would always look for the nearest wall to dismount). My younger brother, Shamish, handsome and witty, and supremely confident, has been my confidant for long. He would advise me on wide-ranging matters in day-to-day life. 8-) Sometimes, even I am amazed that his voice sounds so much like me but then, his laugh gives him away.
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    Some pictures of my family and me.
    Some pictures of Shamish, my younger brother (including recent pictures)
    Homepage of Shamish, my younger brother.

  • The first time I rafted, was in the Ganges (Ganga) in India. It was exhilarating (except the part when a friend of mine clung to me asking me to teach him to swim. We were in a relatively calmer portion. The rafting guide asked the swimmers among us to jump in the waters to see what the water felt like. This friend of mine, Sunil, a non-swimmer but a bold spirit, jumped in the water and then he got hold of me and wanted to learn swimming as we floated in the rapid waters of the Ganges. It was humorous.) Since that time, I have enjoyed a lot of rafting trips with my friends, Joe and Sherry, during the California summers. Joe is a very safe river guide and instils confidence. The camping and rafting trips have always been fun with lots of enjoyable moments and nervous P--'s (during the high flows). Some Whitewater rafting photos...