I stand alone, a longing rises to the surface from deep within me as I stand watching the waves caressing the sand. My heart searches for my soulmate. The complex notion of love comes to me in various forms that the dreamer within me conjures up. I am drawn to a spirit lost in thoughts, full of a longing. Longing for love. I marvel at the love my heart seems to experience as I watch the tender interactions of two lovers. At other times, the same scene makes me long for the loving spirit to appear before me as it rises and diminishes with the waves. I have experienced this so many times in various forms - lovers conjuring dreams in the fog; drowning in the gaze of lovers' deep blue eyes as the red ball of Sun submits to the waves; the old couple, enjoying each others' company in silence, happy content to be with one another; a tender caress on the cheek; a young couple on a bench locked in a tight embrace, trying to make up for the time that will soon run by. I observe moments of contemplation, a heart full of love, longing, being alone or at peace with one, reflecting on life that passes me by.


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