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Lamp Post Love

Street Art / Graffiti is quite widespread in Paris. The presence of so much graffiti surprised me the first time I took the train from Charles De Gaulle airport to the city of Paris, many many years back. I have been photographing graffiti and street art over the years; some of it is beautiful and some very jarring to the eyes in this romantic city. Then again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholden.

I found this lamp post in the center of Paris on a misty night. A young romantic had painted the heartfelt emotions to be lit up every night. J’adore Paris!

Musician in the mission district

After photographing the Carnaval Junior King and Queen contest in San Francisco, I was shooting an impromptu drum circle outside the venue. I noticed a hispanic musician with a pan flute and guitar watching the proceedings with interest from the other side of the road. The colorful graffiti mural at the back and the musician appeared a very appealing subject for a street portrait.

I lifted my camera, smiled and waved to him gesturing if I could take a picture. He smiled back and nodded and posed as I clicked a picture. Scanning both sides for oncoming traffic, I crossed the road to compose tighter and then clicked a couple of pictures. I wanted to ask his name and address so I could send him his picture but he spoke no English and I spoke ‘poquito’ Spanish. We spoke by gestures; I would show him what I wanted and he followed my gestures.

Musician on Mission Street

Musician on Mission Street

Musician on Mission Street

After shooting some colorful street portraits while he played some flute and guitar for me and my camera, I handed him one of my cards hoping he would email me but he didn’t. At times like these, I feel I should learn more of Spanish; even though a smile always conveys happiness and one’s good intentions. If you know this musician, let me know ‘cos his portrait certainly made my day.