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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!

Driving on the road, my brother and I saw this group of horses on the hill.
My brother says -“wow brother! this is cool. You should take a picture of this. ”
And I want to stop too. So I ask – “Well, may I?”
W are on our way somewhere and I feel bad stopping in the middle.

So, I stop, take a few pictures and start back on the road. I am stopped at the traffic light when I see the horses running. The camera and the lens is still handy and I quickly shot three frames before the light turned green. I really wished I was not in the middle lane stopping the traffic.

I remember a poster I saw way back when in college which said – “To get the most out of life, paddle slowly.” Most of the times, it is not the destination but the journey that matters, don’t you think?

A sunny winter day on Mission Peak

It’s supposed to be rainy season in San Francisco bay area. But, the rains continue to play hide-and-seek.

Saturday came and Sun was out inviting us for a not-so-leisurely walk up the mission peak in Fremont. It sure feels nice to be out again with my camera. The pond is still waiting for the rains to fill it up; it has filled up partially since my last visit two weeks back. With the cows stomping around, the texture looks cool.

And, ofcourse in the picture are my two favorite people discussing who gets to carry her big white jacket.

With the Sun slowly going down, the shadow of the first hill falls on the track, highlighting the dried stalks of grass. The two specs towards the left in the shadow area are two hikers coming up the hill to see the Sun going down. Reminds me of the lyrics of the Beatles’ song – “The fool on the hill sees the sun going down…”.

I want to stay for the sunset too. Everytime I hike the mission peak, I usually descend after the sun has gone down. And, I have seen some glorious sunsets and moonrises from here. But, this particular day, I could do with some food. :)

Could not decide whether I like the color or bw version more. Always, decisions…

Taking the easy way out, I am putting up both. Take your pick.