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Spreading happiness around…

A few days back, I photographed my friend Henrik and Mina’s wedding.

Henrik was a lieutenant in Swedish air-force and looked dashing in his airforce dress. Mina, tall and pretty, complemented him. The wedding was a small family affair in a quaint little church in Sausalito. Henrik called me last month to ask if I would photograph his wedding. Ofcourse, I was more than happy that he would ask me to photograph their special day. After the wedding, I took them to Marin headlands overlooking the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco bay area for a few portraits. As usual, it was windy and cold. I was hoping to see a golden gate swathed in sunlight. But, when it is warm inland, the cold rushes in along with fog. So, braving the wind and cold and accepting compliments from the usual swarm of tourists, they posed for a few pictures. Happy and so in love with each other, they spread the happiness around. Henrik and Mina – I wish you both a very happy married life!