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Surya: Burning man 2006

The last couple of months have been incredibly busy. Just haven’t had the energy to post anything for a while. It’s halloween and this time I did not go to San Francisco to take pictures.

This was also the first year I went to burning man in Black Rock desert. I have been to two Kumbh melas and this was the closest to Kumbh mela. I was there for only two and a half days and sure hope I get to go again. There was so much energy and art around; I loved it! I slept about four hours each night getting back after my feet hurt – tottering back to my tent with my camera bag which felt even heavier. I met some real nice and cool people at burning man. Having had this experience, I can officially call myself a ‘burner’. :)

At the belgian burn, I met Surya, resplendent in a dazzling silver dress. She is a rafter and a real estate agent and very kindly agreed to pose. I am posting two images that I took of her. More pictures of some cool people to follow on my website…hopefully soon!

Happy Halloween to you! Take pictures and don’t get spooked.