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There echoed your voice, made me happier !”

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  1. Hi Nitish,

    I have seen all you photographs….and i do not have words to describe the beauty in them…..I came to know about you through Manish Rathi (Gupta).

    I would feel delighted to meet you

  2. Nitees Baboo,
    With reference to your Paris blog, your desire to go beyond “capturing” the obvious will surely lead to “creating” even more beautiful images than you already do. I believe the secret to taking impactful pictures, as I am sure many folks have said before, is to examine one’s own feelings when confronted with a scene (that inspires you) and then try to use the technical expertise to put those feelings in the form of color/images/composition i.e. the abstract. Thus, its not simply a photograph of a cyclist cycling in the middle of the night (I prefer the first photo)..its perhaps the fact that it is a lone person, in the middle of the night, returning home that may have inspired you to take the photograph.
    The 2nd photo has a too bright of a store-front on left side that draws the might have been a more dynamic picture if there was a person standing/walking there too. My $0.02.

  3. hi dear
    nice and great to see u doing such good wrk, bringing good name to roorkee. kamal told me abt u. really nice to see u.
    happy diwali

  4. hey Nitish, went through your website and liked it much that I was compelled to leave comment on appreciation of your good work! As said, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’… Or maybe even more! However, while going through your gallery I was wondering as to why have you pictured India so gloomy and sad …and amazed to see a picture of young ‘snake and charmer’. The changing India is not reflectd in your pictures….Or maybe you are trying to portray the other side of it. Though I liked many other collections that you have. regards, Deepika

  5. beautiful photographs… from the ones i viewed, the flowers are my favourite… :)
    i like photography too, but never experimented so much! Now im inspired to do so …

  6. TREES The Structure of Life

    U Stood there,
    like a lifeless pillar,
    with breeze around,
    n friends in rear,
    I asked them..
    O grandpa dear,
    do u got stories to hear..,
    standing there in the cool ply..,
    Ive seen the time fly,
    Love, life, happiness, sorrow…,
    Nothing that I had to borrow.
    Been an abode,
    and a fighting warrior..,
    protecting you too.,
    like a loving father.
    Flowers, thorns, branches and leaves,
    Everyone has lesson to give.
    The feelings, the thoughts,
    The recurrent doubts..,
    and ever those surfacing bouts.
    Remember theres horizons too,
    In the clouds if u see them through.
    Every journey offers some role,
    No matter, meagre or bold.
    And thats where lies the gold.
    Cause its journey that matters..,
    When destination untold.

    your phototgraphs can make time stand still.. can’t say anythin more… just speechless.

  7. Nitish, Your photography never fails to to offer enjoyment and awe. Keep up the beautiful work. Are you still in the software industry?

  8. Hi Nitish, we knew you were a cut above the rest. Try to remain creative as you were always and don’t get bogged down by day today life.


  10. Just sent a note to Carnaval SF with following comments: This is a most elegant composition and representation of Carnival from your website photo album. Yet…I have incorrectly voted on it with the five star system, selecting the set on the left instead of right side. The gold stars show up pale on my screen. How about screaming SOLID gold colored stars and text: Rating…5 gold stars are best. It may seem too careless on my part, but I just cannot image that this photo would be voted by others as 2.5 out of 5. Far too fine a quality. My compliments to Nitish Naharas, this amazing photographer! It inspires me to work a lot harder on my own photo composition. Have discovered his website at

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