Holding my thoughts

Paris Portraits: Tony Riga

Meeting interesting people is one of the privileges of photography. For a complete stranger to trust my camera, for them to allow me to take their portrait is an enriching experience.  At the end of a session, we part as friends having shared a few clicks.

I met Tony Riga on the banks of the Seine in Paris, France.

Tony in Paris
"My identity"

It was a beautiful evening in Paris and I was out walking along Seine with my camera when I saw a man with a fantastic painted mask posing for pictures with two friends. Introducing myself, I offered to take their picture. I spoke little french and they spoke little English.  After taking a couple of pictures, the friends of Tony left.

Language aside, we were able to communicate.  Here are a couple of portraits from the photo session with Tony who it later turned out is a multi-talented person with many interests.  Tony self-painted this beautiful Guyanese face mask as well.

Holding my thoughts
"Holding my thoughts"
Within reach
"Within reach"

I have many wonderful pictures from the session with Tony that I hope to share at a later time.

Thank you Tony for being there for my camera!

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